Saving Grace of Tiramisu

So every good recipe needs a story. Or, more accurate, all good food comes with one. This one is about how tiramisu saved everything. Saved me but more importantly, of the evening lovely group of women who suffer Alzheimers and we cook for every Friday night.


Before you start reading this.

Get these groceries:

lovely tiramisu recipe , very easy, but most impartant amazingly good. classic recipe.
very easy, but most important amazingly good. classic recipe. no fuss, just blissss 🌞
  •  mascarpone
  • savoiardi (ladyfingers)
  • (miniature bottle of) courvoisier/cognac
  • (miniature bottle of) Frangelico
  • organic eggs
  • caster sugar
  • coffee
  • cacao
Leave the Mascarpone outside of the fridge, you need it t room temperature later.

If you’d like to just not read and only make, click here, and as if by magic…🌟

Let’s just start the story where it should. My group of grannies wouldn’t eat the handmade homemade ravioli  (“what is this even?!” Yes – they are old children with no mercy) as they disapprovingly turned up their noses at the (in my opinion, and works better for the story) beautiful handmade porcini ricotta raviolis that I literally spent three days of work on – ALL WEEKEND – okay my bet, I did twice forget to pack them separately turning the raviolis into one doughy ball of pasta and filling but still. So, no more raviolis/fresh pasta for the elderly.
However, there is this one grandpa that keeps yelling PIZZA and MAMA literally every time all the time (yes, good guess, he is Italian). He lives next door to my group. Perhaps I could make pizza for him and tell my group we are eating sandwiches with cheese – and tomato sauce-how everyday dinner right ;)!?. Hm. To even think I could pull this off, I’m so naive.
So, as you can understand from the two anecdotes above: the cuties really like their customs. They love everything they know. They hate whatever they don’t know. The Italian handsome will not step off his Italian stereotype performance. The Dutch grannies just want potatoes veggies and a little meat. Or, even better, famous Dutch ‘stamppot’ (translates into mash-pot) which literally is just over cooked veggies mashed together with potatoes. Anyways. Back to the Alzheimer’s grannies (and I promise also the reason why you just need really need to make this lovely classic tiramisu dessert for whenever there are hearts to win over).
So, the girls. They stick to what they know. I cooked something beautiful – lots of effort and eye for detail when making the plates – and the plate doesn’t even get to touch the tablecloth before it is thrown against the wall. Whilst picking up pieces of pasta – catching one that stuck on the wall, but was making it’s way to the floor too: imagine cheese threads everywhere, it was a mess – and trying to regulate my emotions  (good luck) I was also anticipating on the reception of that nights dessert: Classic Italian Tiramisu. I was almost ready to pick it up and run away.  Run, hide, binch eat the entire casserole of sweet heavenly sugared dairy and cookies with a pinch of alcohol and coffee. That kinda contains all addictions right there, so full bliss is imaginable.
But I didn’t. There was simply no way cause the nurse was babbling on about her Italian Nan that made the best desserts, blah blah blah – all I heard was another possible fail with this woman that all of the sudden knew everything about Italian desserts and recipes. God, Save me now.
Little did I know, that this was actually one of the better Tiramisu recipes – tried others too believe me I know my tiramisu. Anyways, thank you holy Mary (tgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg), saving grace, I picked the right one, and with a little help from my friend, perfected it top-notch. So, for you, if you’re in need of a heart-winner, love-gatherer, happy-go-lucky-vibe-helper, make this Tiramisu.
But now (finally!) the recipe for Italian Classic Tiramisu. My friend added lavender, I prefer rosewater if anything should be added. Imagine Vanilla works great too. So have fun with those extracts that you can easily add two spoons of to the cream later.
Lets get on with the recipe. It is super simple to make actually, and the perfect amount of liquor in there will keep your guests tempered for a little longer. Or you on your Lazy Sunday breakfast in bed. Day drinking in morning desserts. Just an idea.

What you need to get or gather:
  • Savoiardi, or ladyfingers, 175g
  • White Caster sugar, 120g
  • Freshly made, but cooled strong coffee (pref. espresso), 200 ml, mixed with 30g of the caster sugar (while warm)
  • Cognac, 25/30 ml, about half of those small-liquor-getting-there-but-not-yet-an-alcoholic-bottles
  • Frangelico, also about 30ml
  • 4 large organic eggs
  • Rich, high quality mascarpone, 140g (roomtemperature)
  • cacao to sprinkle over the tiramisu
Make a layer of ladyfingers in the casserole – about 35×25 cm, like an A4 paper size.
Mix coffee and cognac, poor over the ladyfingers.
Separate the eggs, and mix egg yolks together with about 100g of caster  sugar, until pretty pale and doubled in size (with a mixer – easy living).
Whisk mascarpone in there, until soft, and drip drop the frangelico in there too.
Stiffen the egg whites, make sure everything is super clean because a little grease makes it harder to stiffen. Whisk through the mascarpone-creamy-heaven, with more care then the one time you rolled your first spliff ever.
Put this lovely cream on top of the sweet ladyfingers (this gets so sexy I know) and gently stroke until even – wouldn’t know how else to put it in words.
Refrigerate for at least a few hours, like lasagne, best will be the next day – YAY HELLO CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST.
Oh and don’t forget to cacao the beautiful dish generously.

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